Do We Really Know
How Much Our Roads Cost?

In the race to keep up with aging infrastructure, population growth and changing fiscal realities, the time is ripe for Reno, Sparks the Regional Transportation Commission officials to change the way they build our roads. Nevada could save driving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars during the next several years by considering better pavements and a better process for road construction.

What Our
Local Government Won't Do

Many transportation agencies around the country are using economic tools that help them choose the most cost-effective highway project alternatives. Not us.

We don't

  • Require life cycle analysis when awarding roadway construction bids. This means considering a 20 to 30-year lifespan when government builds project bids.
  • Create alternative bid polices (as does Colorado and other states), to compare roadway pavements side by side, true dollar to true dollar, over a 30-plus year lifespan on all new construction or major rehabilitation projects. Increased competition lowers bids.
  • Implement a highway design process that would bring more accurate estimates of current and future costs. This means selecting the most economically sustainable pavement alternative, and making these LCCA reports open for public and professional review and/or comments.

Your friends at SmartRoadsNV have tried to share latest tools and techniques with local road officials, but we haven't been able to crack the bureaucracy that controls the development of roads...even though we are trying to save taxpayers money.

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Help us out. Help your pocketbook out.
Email these folks to ask them why we can't be smarter about our roads.

The Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County

Ron Smith, City of Sparks (775) 353-2311

Bob Lucey, Washoe County (775) 328-2012

Paul McKenzie, City of Reno (775) 334-2015

Vaughn Hartung, Washoe County (775) 328-2007

Neoma Jarden, City of Reno (775) 334-2016

Executive Director, Lee Gibson (775) 335-1826

Director of Engineering, Brian Stewart (775) 335-1880

City of Reno Public Works

John Flansberg, P.E., Director (775) 334-2350

Kerrie Koski, Engineering Manager (775) 334-3304

Charla Honey, City Engineer (775) 334-2191

City of Sparks Public Works

Ron Korman Public Works Manager (775) 353-2271

Jon Ericson, Transportation Manager

Now a Word About Concrete
which isn't given a fair shake in our roads decisions

Consider the benefits of this naturally occurring, locally produced product

  • Concrete's long-term performance brings solid return on investment and helps the state use money for more improvements instead of maintenance.
  • Concrete pavement isn't only for urban freeways and interstates. It is an effective solution for RTCs, cities, and rural state routes that serve the mining industry.
  • Concrete roadways benefit from inherent characteristics
    • Lighter colors keep surfaces and cities cooler.
    • Brighter surfaces and reflective light improve pedestrian safety in intersections.
    • Greater stiffness produces better fuel economy, according to reasearch conducted by MIT. Other pavements need to be 60% thicker to match concrete's MPG.

The perception that concrete is too costly or takes too long to build is not always accurate. Explore options. Give concrete a chance. Your pocketbook will appreciate it in the long run. The concrete choice for Nevada.

About SmartRoadsNV

SmartRoadsNV is an awareness and public education campaign about getting more from our road tax dollars. It is brought to you by The Sierra Nevada Concrete Association. The SNCA is an active force in promoting the use of quality concrete for all types of construction; from tilt-up logistics and manufacturing facilities, to lower-life cycle cost concrete pavements for roadways and parking lots. The SNCA provides public officials, engineers, architects and private developers with access to information regarding concrete in the Northern Nevada/California region.

The SNCA also provides continuing education for construction and architecture professionals, and supports student construction engineering with scholarships. SNCA is a long-time sponsor of the championship University of Nevada Concrete Canoe Team.

For more information about the SNCA and its programs, or for technical assistance, please visit